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How does biblical history relate to the rest of the world? What biblical events correlate with historical events in other parts of the world? When did Greek become the business language of the world? How did the Romans (who ruled New Testament Israel) come into power? What happened during Bible times when the Trojan Horse was being pulled into the city of Troy?

The Adams’ Chart of History delivers answers to these questions and hundreds of others. Study ancient Greek and Roman history from totally new perspectives. Discover ancient cultures like the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians. Learn about world-changing discoveries, events and inventions. Put together facts about European and early American history.

Delight in the mysterious seven wonders of the world and learn where they once stood. Get the big picture of history and how it falls in line with a biblical worldview.


Who were the first navigators? Who was the Emperor of China during the reign of Solomon? What kinds of alphabets were used in the ancient world? What advances in mathematics were made when Nebuchadnezzar was king? How much was the Bible worth in 1440 A.D.? Adams’ Synchronological Chart or Map of History tells all.

Adams’ Chart of History was written by Sebastian Adams and first published in 1871. This classic work is based on Archbishop James Ussher’s definitive historical overview, The Annals of the World, beginning with creation in 4004 B.C. and ending in 1870 with America’s 19th president, Rutherford B. Hayes.

The vintage reproduction of the most famous illustrated timeline of world history features detailed, full-color drawings of major historical periods from Adam and Eve to the late 19th century, complete with Adams’ handwritten commentary throughout. It’s available in casebound format for libraries or as unbound 13 x 28-inch panels for mounting on classroom and Sunday School walls.

Included with the Adams’ Chart of History is the 60-page key to the original 1871 timeline. A modern Teacher’s Guide helps make the most of Adams’ Chart and is filled with suggested activities, sample skill tests, and ideas. This guide takes teachers and students alike deep into the timeline while highlighting features and providing discussion topics that engage students of all ages.

Both books are published by Attic Books.